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Project aims are to teach students their native language in as friendly a way as possible. Most of the aims within this Project focus on the English language, but there are still some. What are the aims of Project? Project fourth edition combines the best of contemporary and traditional approaches to language teaching. It incorporates. We are pleased to announce that the School is to appoint an extra member of staff to support the wider provision of our National Curriculum. With growth in student numbers and the increased demand from parents for the results of their children’s work, the role has been created and the successful candidate will undertake to provide a high-quality and fair service to all students across the School. Informal and formal communications are vital for the smooth running of daily life in both the community and the workplace. The aim of this section is to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to assist them in communicating with others and in solving problems in their personal and professional lives. Students will develop the ability to recognise and deal with diversity, making them better able to adapt and to achieve success in the workplace and at university or college. Why choose Us? We offer a range of programmes for you to follow in your Studies or for you to start your first degree. We have flexible start dates, giving you the chance to enter directly or to delay entry if you have changed your course. We offer flexible entry times, as well as evening and Saturday entry. We have a dedicated team of high quality tutors, and we will support you throughout your Studies. This is where the programme begins. Over the next three years, you will get to know us and our teaching style, you will become familiar with the demands of your course and what you need to work on. We will work with you to ensure that you make the most of every opportunity in your studies, and that you develop the skills and knowledge that employers expect today. The College aims to work in partnership with parents and local communities, and is committed to serving the





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